"Osool & Bakheet IPO Fund"

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What is the Fund?

A medium term, open-end type, mutual fund that invests in IPO’s to be listed on the Saudi Stock market. The fund may also invest in these companies  listed for less than three years and also may invest up to 25% in small and medium cap Saudi companies shares.

Fund Goals:
The Fund is primarily designed to maximize capital growth through achieving relative positive returns against an appropriate benchmark while minimizing potential risks.
Fund Characteristics:
The fund provides subscribers the following:

A unique professional team specializing in asset management and fundamental equity analysis concentrating on companies that are going  public in order to take sound investment decisions.


Investment Diversification across companies, sectors and industries.


The fund will avoid any unnecessary risk.

Investment Strategy:

The Fund invests in initial public offerings of shares of Saudi joint companies. In addition, the fund manager is allowed to invest maximum 25% of the fund assets in small and medium cap companies' stocks. Available cash balances may be invested in low risk, highly liquidity Saudi Riyal instruments.

Post Subscription Services:

One of Osool & Bakheet Investment Company (OBIC) main aims is to enhance investors’ awareness level by explaining OBIC’s strategy in a clear and transparent manner through the following :


"Osool & Bakheet IPO Fund"

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Provide clients with periodical (monthly) reports on funds performance.


Publish daily fund information on our website: www.obic.com.sa and other official sites.


Continue supporting the investment community with presentations across the KSA.

Fund Features:
Fund Type Open-end.
Fund Term Medium-term.
Category Equity, Saudi - IPO.
Fund Currency Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR).
Benchmark Bakheet Saudi IPO Index
Risk Profile High.
Inception Unit Price One Saudi Riyal.
Minimum Investment 10,000 (Ten thousand) Saudi Riyals.
Valuation Days Daily.
Dealing Days Every Business Day of the Saudi Stock Market
Management Fees 2.0% p.a.
Subscription Fees None.
Other Fees 0.5% Annual Custody Fees and 1.75% Early Redemption Fees.
Subscription and redemption Every business day before closing the Saudi stock market
 How can I subscribe to the fund:
Call our OBIC phone service  at +966 (11) 419-1797
Visit our website: www.obic.com.sa

This Brochure is for publicity purposes only and does not include the full fund’s term and conditions. For further fund details, please visit us at our website: www.obic.com.sa or visit our office.


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