Press Release - Osool & Bakheet Saudi Trading Equity Fund

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"Osool & Bakheet Saudi Trading Equity Fund"

First Fund of Osool & Bakheet Investment Company (OBIC)
Osool & Bakheet Investment Company (A CMA licensed firm) has launched “Osool & Bakheet Saudi Trading Equity Fund”, its first mutual fund that invests in Saudi listed equities.

Beshr Bakheet, CEO and Chairman of Board, had announced that the fund is the first to be launched in KSA by the newly licensed financial services firms, he added that the fund which is managed by OBIC (the fund manager) offer investors the following:


Transparency and impartial selection of assets (stocks) based on in-depth investment fundamentals analysis.

OBIC has a long track record (previously, "Bakheet Financial Advisors") where for the last 12 years OBIC has Established, structured and was a fund manager advisor for many mutual funds in the local and regional equity markets. These funds had a successful track record performance and OBIC took the opportunity driven by clients' demand to launch its own funds.

OBIC main strengths are the unique professional team that OBIC has built over past years specializing in asset management and fundamental equity analysis and research focus on the Saudi stock Market

OBIC had built a unique financial proprietary database, it’s an indispensable tool for the equity analysis team.

OBIC will continue supporting the investment community with periodical market analysis reports which is a main aim of the group in advancing awareness level among investors.


Commenting on "Osool & Bakheet Saudi Trading Equity Fund", Khalid AlSaeed, Division Head -Investment Product Development says "The fund is an initial of a multi-funds bouquet Osool & Bakheet Investment Company (OBIC) intends to launch soon." He also added that the fund's main objective is to maximize the fund “Value-Added” essence by outperforming the benchmark and the average competitive funds' performance, with minimum risk level. He also added: "in the meantime, investing in the Saudi equity market by subscribing in our fund is considered appropriate due to an attractive blue chips valuation in a solid Saudi economy". With regard to the fund management fees, AlSaeed reiterated that with management fee of 1.5% p.a., it's considered to be competitive compared to other similar funds' fees, and there is no subscription fee. The fund is also attractive with valuation on daily basis to give subscribers a flexible option of daily subscription/redemption. AlSaeed closed by saying that the fund is under a Shari'a committee supervision.


The fund initial launch price is SAR 1 (ONE Saudi Riyal) per unit during the subscription period. The fund is available to Saudi citizens and residents as well as GCC citizens. The initial minimum subscription amount is SAR 100,000 which will be scaled down in the future to invite more subscribers.

For further information please call OBIC at: +966(11) 419-1797.

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